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Trademark assignment
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Trademark assignment


    transfer of the registered trademark is a trademark registered in the period of validity of a registered trademark, and in a manner prescribed by law, the trademark right is transferred to the other party's behavior. Transfer of the registered trademark has the following form:

    1, transfer of the contract

    contract between transfer, assignment of a registered trade mark of the provisions, mutual rights, obligations and liability for breach of, this form of transfer is paid, that is transferred through the assignment of a registered trade mark the exclusive right to charge a transfer fee.

    2, followed by transfer of

    following the transfer of the registered trademark, there are two situations: (1) the registered owner (natural) death, or after the end of its life, heirs inherit all programs inherit the deceased's registered trademark. (2) the enterprise as an owner of a registered trademark is consolidated or merged following the transfer. 3: transfer by executive order

    This form of transfer generally takes place in the owned State. Executive order here is mainly caused the property transmission planning and administration. Such as State-owned enterprises in accordance with Executive order divest, merge, dissolution or conversion, registered trademark change of subject problems will occur.

    transfer of ways

    the applicant may appoint a national administration for industry and commerce has a trade mark agent qualifications of organizations accredited to the agency or to the national trademark office trademark registration Hall directly. At present, the state trademark agency organization recognized a total of nearly 800, distributed in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

    transfer of trademark is a registered trademark of entrust agent qualification organization to handle, or directly to the Trademark Office, the applicant shall, according to their own specific circumstances. If the applicant is familiar with trademark law and related procedures, habitual residence or place of business of the postal service is in good condition, you can go directly to the trademark Bureau; if they do not meet the above conditions, better entrusts a trademark agency; no habitual residence or place of business in China for foreigners or foreign enterprises registered in China applied for transfer shall be entrusted a trademark Agency to handle. In the process of review of the trademark by the Trademark Office, tend to be issued to the applicant various documents, such as a notice of correction, written notice of such dismissal. Most of these files requires some modification of the original content and reply of the applicant. These files are generally mailed through the post office, given our delivery channel is not very smooth in some areas, combined with some of the applicant's address changes, the Trademark Office document issued to the applicant does not receive the phenomenon often occurs, affecting the transfer of the registration process. Trademark trademark agent in your organization are familiar with the laws and regulations on trademarks, trademark business savvy, can accurately understand the intention of the principal and the Trademark Office, assisting parties to mark accurately the Council's request to modify the file changes, the smooth conduct of the review of the transfer of an application for registration.

    transfer preparation

    application for transfer shall be used of the State administration for industry and Commerce formulated and promulgated the uniform format of application. The application to the trademark lobby upon request. Also available in this download. Authorize a trademark Agency to carry out, are provided by the Agency.

    management application for transfer of a trademark shall be filed with the trademark office the following documents:

    1, the trademark application for transfer of a copy of application form to applicants and the assignee should be stamped with the seal

    2, stamped by the assignee of the trademark attorney;

  &Nbsp;  3, copy of business license of an assignee;

    4, required to pay the costs of the application for transfer of a trademark (trademark transfer fees: RMB 1000);

    5, if the principal professional organizations also have to pay part of the costs (fees received by the Commission);

     Time required

    1, 15th after the receipt of the transfer request to the trademark Bureau within the approved registered trademark certificate.

    2 3-4 months from the filing date, since the establishment can receive transfers of the approval of the assignment of a registered trade mark to prove. The proven demand for use in conjunction with the original trademark registration certificate.

    3, approved the transfer of the registered trademark certificate, the date of the effective date of the assignment of a registered

    bulletin license

    through a proxy application: approved by the trademark office reviews following the notice sent by the agent to transfer the trademark to the assignee of the trademark registration certificate.

    application for direct transfer of registration: review approved by the Trademark Office's announcement. Registered assignee are received within three months of the notice of assignment of a registered trademark license, should also carry:

    (a) received notice of the assignment of a registered letter;

    (b) the assignee ID card and copy of

    (c) copy of business license original Copy should be stamped with the seal of the local industrial and commercial Department

    (d) received notice of the transfer of registration;

    (e) assignee required comes with changes in the name change certificate issued by the Department.