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Madrid International registration of marks

    the so-called Madrid trademark international registration, means in accordance with the Madrid Agreement or the provisions of the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement, by legal or natural persons of the Member States, through their national trademark authorities located in Switzerland submitted by the International Bureau of the world intellectual property organization in Geneva, while in other Member States other than the State in which the applicant require territory extending protection of trademark registration. After the agreement or the Protocol review process, by the International Bureau of the registration on the international register, the International Bureau published the international trademark Gazette notice on and sent to registrants of the international registration of marks. For a series of acts, is called the international registration of marks.

    introduced: the Madrid trademark registration of information; the Madrid trademark registration requirements; the Madrid trademark registration optional state; the Madrid trademark registration cycle; the origin of the Madrid Agreement;

    1. Madrid trademark registration information required;

    1) Applicant qualification documents (license or ID card)

    2) copy of trademark registration certificate or notification of acceptance in China;

    3) power of Attorney; (bid offer, company stamp)

    4) trademark standards;

    5) goods or services, (some Member States could choose 3 categories, details, please consult the successful bidder)

    2. Madrid trademark registration requirements

    Madrid International registration fee depends on the choice of countries and number of States, if you need to get a quote, please contact us

    3. Madrid trademark registration optional State

    1) "agreement" & "agreed that" Member States: (48 countries except China, Benelux by 3 countries count):

    Europe: France, and Germany, and Italy, and Spain, and Portugal, and Austria, and Switzerland, Monaco, Benelux (Belgium and the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) San Marino   &Nbsp;  Albania    Liechtenstein, and Romania, and Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, the Republic of Moldova, the former Yugoslavia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and Hungary, the Russian Federation, Belarus and the Ukraine, and Armenia, and Croatia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan,, Slovenia, and Poland, and

    Asia: Viet Nam, North Korea, Mongolia, and Bhutan, Iran, Cyprus, Syria

    Africa: Morocco, Lesotho, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Kenya, Swaziland,

    Americas: Cuba

    Benelux are Belgium and the Netherlands, and Luxembourg Union of three short, Applicant to specify protection of the three countries, according to a national pay fees.

    2) pure "deed" Member States (7 countries)

    Europe: Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Herzegovina

    Africa: Sudan, Liberia, Egypt, and Algeria

    3) pure " Protocol "member countries (28 countries, 1 Organization):

    Europe: the United Kingdom, and Denmark, and Finland, and Norway, and Sweden, and Iceland, and Ireland, and Greece, and Oman, and Estonia, and Georgia, and Lithuania, Turkmenistan, EU, Uzbekistan

    Asia: Japan, and Korea, and Singapore, and Turkey, and Australia, and Bahrain

&Nbsp;   America: the United States, the Netherlands Antilles, Antigua and

    Africa: Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, Madagascar, Sao Tome pulixibi

    total: 84 member countries/organizations

    4. Madrid trademark registration cycle

    1) Madrid for about 6 months after the formal application for trademark registration certificate

    2) members (Agreement) country review acceptance letter will be issued, depending on different States!

    3) different countries to review progress, relevant national trademark licensing also cannot be estimated;

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