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Trade mark business

China trademark registration

    the following major state trademark registration process the cost material, trademark registration, trademark applications and other related content,

    If you need to know about trademarks other extended knowledge of content, please click on the trademark registration and use

    1, how to register a trademark?

    1) under the provisions of the trademark law, trademarks can be text, numbers, letters, three dimensional marks, color combinations, or front row combination of, trademark applicants are free to choose the combinations.

    2) China apply the principle of first to file to protect, so applicants prior to the official registered trademark, you should query for trademarks of their wish to apply for, to ensure that the reduction of its risk trademark queries after the adoption, you can enter the trademark registration process;

    3) domestic trademark application procedure requires the applicant to the trademark office in person (Beijing) register Cannot apply by mail, otherwise only through qualified agency to apply for registration

    introduced by Guangzhou trademark agency registered trademark processes and costs.

    2, the trademark registration process

    1) pre-registration enquiries:

    provider name (or graphic) and the specified commodity, text (Chinese characters and English letters and numbers) trademark for 10 minutes, logo trademarks can query results within 24 hours;

     2) registration application

    when the documentation is ready, the winning bid ( will be finished and submitted to the Trademark Office application documents in the day;

    3) review

    Trademark Office receives the application file, will be conducted within one month of the formal examination, after review by the, Will issue the notification of acceptance.

    4) substantive examination

    then enter marks substantive examination phase.

    5) Bulletin

    after passing the examination as to substance, that is, will enter a period of notice of three months.

    6) approved

    the notice period, if there was no objection or opposition is not established, will be officially approved and registered by the Trademark Office and issued a certificate of trademark registration.

    3, the trademark registration information required

    1) applicant copy of ID

    (1), provide copy of business license, and seal

    (2) individual businesses to provide copy of business license and copy of ID card of the legal representative

    * If you have special circumstances, please contact us!

    2) trademark standards;

    3) selection of trade marks registered for goods or services;

    4) provide detailed contact information for follow-up feedback;

    * other application documents by the successful bidder (

    4, trademark registration fee

    fee for trademark registration by the official fees and the successful bidder ( composed of fees;

    official fees: RMB 1000 Yuan/piece,

    fees: please call,

    * does not need to pay any fees within ten years

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