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Guizhou maotai as "target", "wine" trademark caused industry discussion

    told reporters yesterday that one insider close to Xifeng liquor, chicken had entrusted a trademark agent in Beijing to deal with the matter. Currently prepared step by step "history of West Phoenix more than Mao", "in 1952, with moutai won the title of China's four famous" and other historical information and timely objection submitted to the national trademark Bureau. In addition, between July 30 and 31st submitted notice of opposition to the state trademark Bureau, Beijing century law firm said a person surnamed Cao lawyers yesterday to the South reporter, Hebei small wineries had previously intended to delegate its trademark. The lawyer said their firms will soon organize enterprise, sociologists, lawyers, the media and other topics seminar to be held, to "state liquor maotai" trademark registration for intro to discuss size trademark applications once the opening impact on other industries.

    font size trademarks behind the enormous benefits of space, maotai liquor industry as a whole is doomed to "target". Although the national trademark office on July 20 on the official website announced the "national liquor maotai" trademark trial results, but yesterday the State Trademark Office website queries "national liquor" trademark registration in case that this preliminary audited results here posed a trademark "of objection or supplementary material provided, pending", on July 27, 2012. This means that there may have been other companies first submitted objections in fen book. So far, has been holding "pits" registered trademark of Luzhou (000568), dissenting voices were raised, Luoyang dukang on August 6 posted on opposing "state liquor maotai" trademark of open letter, ten reasons to oppose Mao registered national trademarks.

    on August 7, the Guizhou moutai (600519) shares rose 3.07, or 1.23% closed three rallied for three trading days or 3.97%. The same day, its rival, Shanxi fenjiu (600809) shares rose 0.18 Yuan or 0.47%, 5 gains, up 10.25% against the 5 trading days, performed far better than the moutai. Shanxi fenjiu Guizhou maotai won not only temporarily in the stock market, in the brand's competition also prevail for the time being because of the bombardment of maotai.

    fen led bombardment

    a few days ago, Kweichow moutai application "state liquor maotai" trademark, a fuel the liquor industry's "collective outrage" as a well-known liquor brands in China's Shanxi fenjiu, finally can't restrain, rose led the sniper.

    It is understood that on August 6, the Shanxi fenjiu group has formally submitted to the Trademark Office under the State administration for industry and Commerce trademark opposition application. From several aspects of the application to the "state liquor maotai" attack: Guizhou moutai despite high market visibility, but not in violation of its related merchandise (such as wine, wine, wine, etc) have reached the "representative or symbol of national liquor" or "the best wine in a country" level. It also said that "national liquor moutai" brand as a whole, constitute a description of wine quality and other characteristics of goods, also lacks distinctiveness. "The State liquor maotai" trademark "wine" is the generic name of wine, according to the 11th article of the trademark law (a) the provisions of paragraph, belongs to the sign shall not be registered as trademarks.

    fenjiu Group further stated that: "the puzzling is that in the State administration for industry and Commerce issued the" China "and the first word is" Guo "trademark handling standard requires the review of the first word is ' Countries ' trademark applications for trademarks shall be subject to strict review after two years, and had previously been rejected five times by the Trademark Office trademark identical or nearly be opposed trademark by the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office preliminary examination and notice, is privileged by opponent? The trademark law article tenth and 11th article has no legal effect on its? "

    fenjiu group companies in the industry started sniping" state liquor maotai "first gun.

    by unlikely?

    "No newer messages can be informed. "On August 7, the reporter called the State administration for industry and Commerce Department, Guizhou maotai asked to apply for" state liquor maotai "trademark of recent progress, said related work, please see its website message. Journalists also urged the State administration for industry and Commerce departments, but the phone never got through.

    Wu Dong Shanghai law firm lawyer said in an interview with the financial newspaper, "personally believe that after three months the maotai Group adopted by the Court of final appeal is unlikely. "When it comes to fenjiu Group began attacks on the first shot, said Wu Dong, which is divided into two: first, fenjiu group might take this opportunity the alleged hype; the second, Guizhou moutai this Act does is against the equity of China liquor-making industry or have an adverse effect. In China, like Wu Liang ye (000858), Shanxi fenjiu liquor, Luzhou (000568) wine industry have a high visibility, for enterprises, they all have their own upscale brand, if "state liquor maotai" trademark application is successful, could create rivalries in mind: do not drink "wine" is no fancy dinner. That's not fair. So companies understandably object to stand up to defend their interests, which is normal behavior.

    Wu Dong said he thought Mao-application "state liquor maotai" seem ridiculous, in fact, there is no need, because the wine industry, wine wine, by consumers is the most important one.

    However, maotai register "state liquor maotai" is one of good intentions.

    It is understood that the "national liquor" registered a total of 9 times, recently registered time is displayed for June 9, 2010, but each for "wine" this is alleged to have used propaganda on behalf of the national machinery was rejected by the state trademark Bureau. On July 20, in the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office trademarks of networks announced preliminary approval announcement, Guizhou moutai to apply for "national liquor" trademark two-year trial, eventually.

    as soon as this is revealed, immediately caused a stir, maotai registered national trademarks were totally against it. Allegedly, pushing the country's trademark law system and the maintenance of trademark order, on July 30 and 31st century law firm, Beijing four times, in trademark opposition the identity of applicants to the state trademark Bureau by mail to submit the Trademark Search. In other words, the "state liquor maotai" sniper war, battle and not just within the industry.

    a lot of netizens "state liquor maotai" trademark issue questions, similar to the common noun cannot be used for registered trademarks, if the "liquor" moutai, some smoking, tea companies could apply for State tobacco, tea? They called for, should be "State" prefix trademark careful review, standardize management, maintaining a fair market environment. Netizens and even ridicule, if this is the football, have someone do it?

    in accordance with the relevant provisions of the objection of fenjiu group, the maotai group has the right to reply, reply Trademark Office will conduct a trial to determine. Mao could have "wine" trademark, or seen after three months.

    "state liquor maotai" trademark through the trial, like the calm Lake into a stone, float to the surface of the ripples is a circle a circle expanding.

    yesterday (August 7), the daily economic news reporters through the national trademark Office website, as early as July 27, Guizhou moutai (600519) applications have been objections. At about the same time, Shanxi xinghuacun fen factory company limited (hereinafter referred to as Shanxi fenjiu (600809)) and Luoyang dukang Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Luoyang dukang) to submit the notice of opposition form, acts as an anti-"national liquor moutai" brand pioneer.