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Alcohol registration, rights experts-extraordinary intellectual property

    trademarks as business card, this card for liquor-making enterprises is particularly important. Liquor-making industry the first brand "Wu Liang ye" value has reached 58.626 billion yuan in 2011, and unites the right support is behind this huge intangible assets "Wu Liang ye" trademark. It can be said that Trademark liquor enterprise in market competition in the siege of smoke everywhere pull Zhai's most powerful weapon.

    extraordinary, as the earlier established large-scale comprehensive intellectual property institutions, has been operating for more than 10 years. From the inception, extraordinary people, establishing a rapid response to customer needs, resolve customer service concept in intellectual property issues, and to help our customers be more successful as a business development mission. At present extraordinary in many cities set up a separate company for the International Trademark Association (INTA) members, China Trademark Association (CTA) corporate member and Director of the unit. Transcendental and extraordinary are members of the Group include Beijing, Sichuan, China extraordinary, extraordinary in extraordinary company, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chongqing, Beijing Super fanzhicheng (patent agent), Beijing's extraordinary foreign companies (foreign trade mark agents) and so on. In 2011, the superior was named national outstanding trademark Agency, the same year the trademark agency ranked third. Extraordinary know that Trademark liquor business develop and grow the important role, in more than 10 years of development history, extraordinary professional ability for many customers to successfully address the intellectual property issues.

    extraordinary agency liquor Enterprise intellectual property advantage

    unique full-service approach: given the complexity and comprehensiveness of liquor business trademark, extraordinary domestic, international, legal, patent expert team of experienced professionals and lawyers shared services, to make up for deficiencies in the single service, this service means not only creating a precedent in the field of intellectual property services, And they have achieved customer consistent high praise.

    guaranteed by the system and process for professional services: in order to fully protect the trademark rights of liquor served by stable and effective, extraordinary brand management system is established, achieve remind enterprise features such as expiration, expired license renewal, and extraordinary service projects categories, determine the basic processes and strict implementation of the work, fully guaranteed the services of safe and efficient.

    familiar liquor industry, has rich of service experience and large success precedent: extraordinary after more than 10 years of development, has accumulated has rich of for liquor Enterprise provides trademark service of various experience, while gathered has a large number of familiar liquor industry features of legal professional people (these personnel each period reading liquor industry publications, to understand liquor industry of development dynamic), and also help many liquor enterprise of trademark work made excellence of results, Is wine worthy of trademark registration, rights experts.

    transcendental philosophy and future development planning

    transcendental and promote the concept of sustainable development. Although at present the extraordinary has become the leading provider of Chinese large comprehensive intellectual property agency, but extraordinary people have a long-term vision, that is to build the intellectual property industry chain, promoting the commercialization of intellectual property rights, to contribute to China's economic transformation. This extraordinary person will always uphold the spirit of competition, integrity, standards, insist on standing in the customer think, respond quickly to customer needs and solve intellectual property core values. Extraordinary people have strength through their deep professional knowledge and advanced service concept help more companies succeed.

    extraordinary liquor some important trademark agent:

    in 2002, the extraordinary acting Luzhou laojiao company "pits" trademark in the 1th class, 6th class and other categories of products on the protective application review by dismissing the registration success, thereby helping to Luzhou old cellar expanding the "pits" trademark protection in

     2004, extraordinary agent wuliangye company success block Korea natural people cybersquatting "wuliangye" trademark, this is China liquor Enterprise first in transnational trademark disputes in the won, this event by Beijing times, and West City reported, media widely concern, extraordinary began was media as "trademark experts";

    2006, extraordinary agent Luzhou old cellar of high-end brand "country cellar" Trademarks China well-known trademark;

    in 2008, the extraordinary successful agent "wine" unfair competition disputes;

    in 2008, the extraordinary acting wuliangye company against Korea counterfeit "Wu Liang ye" case, which is China liquor-making enterprises ' trade mark were counterfeited overseas rights activists win case;

     In 2009, wuliangye, jiannanchun company extraordinary agent for other natural persons and enterprises setting up in Hong Kong, "Wu Liang ye", "Cheng" shadow company sued and eventually won the result;

    2010, exceptional were invited to participate in the "2010 Luzhou laojiao wine fair" and designated as legal counsel of intellectual property institutions;

    In 2010, the super agent lang company focused on brand "safflower lang" dismissed the review and register a success and trademark;

    in 2010, the extraordinary success agent lang company to drop "Lang Chun" brand, further helping liquor companies purify the market;

    in 2010, the extraordinary acting Luzhou laojiao company "Wen Rongcheng" series of trademarks in administrative litigation in favour of results;

    2011 extraordinary agent wuliangye company apply to others, "Wu Liang-Chun" trademark opposition cases successfully, "Wu Liang-Chun" trade mark obtained in the case China well-known span-class protection;

    in 2011, agent China 17 one of the great wines of extraordinary success of Hunan Wuling liquor "Wuling" get well-known trademark;

  &Nbsp;  2011, extraordinary agent wuliangye company success revoked others in Taiwan registered of "nine grain liquid" trademark;

    2011, extraordinary success hosted fourth section China trademark section "China liquor industry trademark development high-end Forum", from country of many well-known wine enterprises, wuliangye, and maotai, and Luzhou old cellar, and jiannanchun, and Feng gu, and Tuo brand, and wells square, and ancient well wine, and acquisition wine, and Wuling liquor are present, extraordinary in the liquor trade mark service professional level and influence further improved and consolidated;

    ... ...

    while, in up more than 10 years of professional service work in the, extraordinary of professional lawyer team through trademark monitoring, and market dynamic information collection, and objections application, and objections review, way large block other subject through trademark registered for near brand of behavior, compared typical of including "wuliangye" objections "Riverfront nine grain liquid", and "jiannanchun" objections "Jian blue alcohol", and "Luzhou old cellar" objections "Lu Sheng old cellar", and "lang" objections "lang fairy" and so on.