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Commerce "trademark brand" activities

    famous trademark white point is more than the famous trademark of a household name, famous brand can enter as a well-known trademark.

    is a trademark from the General Register-registration of famous trademarks-well-known trademark registered this March.

    lunan district trade and industry business services functions into full play, go to cultivate brand, through the "create famous brand" activities, services, guide enterprises to create well-known, famous and well-known marks, Dian Lu Chi (with, know) finds showed an increasing trend for trademark registration, and boost business development.

    activity, which provides "policy support, information guidance and demonstration cultivation of" one-stop service. In Guide, and helping Shang effort, through visited enterprise, on area registered trademark using situation for field study, and filter, and verified, found out enterprise trademark registered intention, to enterprise publicity, and declared create brand trademark of purpose, and meaning; in "expanded total, upgrade level, highlight features" Shang effort, to publicity training for support points and breakthrough, take "help a at, guide a households, mature a, declared a" of Echelon foster form, guide, and assist enterprise declared famous trademark, full improve enterprise visibility, Helping businesses grow.

    so far this year total 1 trademark declared a famous trademark in the autonomous region, 3 trademarks declared a province famous trademark, 5, well-known trademarks, trademark filing.