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On the analysis of mergers and acquisitions of intellectual property issues arising out of the IPAD trademark case

    on December 5, 2011, the Shenzhen intermediate people's Court of Apple and United Kingdom IP application development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "United Kingdom IP") against Proview technology (Shenzhen) Limited (hereinafter "Shenzhen Proview") trademark ownership dispute the sentence, and dismissed the plaintiff's action, which means "IPAD" Proview trademarks in China Shenzhen all. Because all of the IPAD Apple sold in China will face the trademark infringement problem, finally becomes a reality, Apple claims or penalties will be faced with a huge problem in China. Check out this publicly reported cases, is not difficult to discover the following facts: 2000 Proview International Holdings Limited (hereinafter "Proview holdings"), a subsidiary of Proview technology (Shenzhen) Limited (hereinafter "Shenzhen Proview") application for iPad in China the word mark text and graphics trademark trademark in 2001 and approved and registered. Proview holdings of Hong Kong listed companies. From 2001 to 2004, Proview Proview electronics holdings, another subsidiary company limited (hereinafter "Taiwan Proview") in the European Union, Korea, and Mexico, and Singapore and other countries won 8 "iPad" right to exclusive use of registered trademarks. Apple planning before and after 2005 when the products enter the European market, that iPad trademarks Taiwan Proview, and had to remove the unused trademark grounds to United Kingdom Trademark Office an application wants iPad trademark in the United Kingdom lost the case.

    in August 2009, United Kingdom IP company and Taiwan Proview contact requested Taiwan Proview to transfer all the iPad trademark in the world, that is, apart from their own 8 trademarks other than registered, include two Proview trademarks in Shenzhen. On December 23, 2009, the United Kingdom IP company, for £ 35000 from Taiwan purchased Proview iPad trademark. April 3, 2010, Apple Tablet iPad trademark in the United States market. On April 7, the Apple and United Kingdom signed IP transfer agreement, for a nominal £ 10 for all trademarks, including the trademark involved. On September 17, the Apple iPad products into the Chinese market. Because that Shenzhen Proview refusing to comply with the obligation to transfer the trademarks involved, in June 2010, Apple combined United Kingdom IP company Shenzhen Proview to court.

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