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    1, applications for copyright registration shall submit the materials and requirements

    (1) a completed copyright registration application form according to the requirements;

    (2) identification of the applicant;

    (3) ownership certificate;

    (4) samples of work (work samples can be submitted on paper or electronic media);

    (5) work instructions (from the purpose of creation, creation process, originality of writing and authors sign);

    (6) commissioned others to applications, the agent shall submit the power of Attorney of the applicant;

    (7) the agent's identity.

    2, go through the steps to

    registration--Registration Agency verification of material submitted by the applicant to receive material-billing-pay registration fees-registration agencies to accept the application of the applicant – review-issued certificate of registration-announce

    3, processing time

  &Nbsp;  registration authorities accepting registration applications completed within 30 working days. Need to supplement materials, applicants within two months after receipt of the notice of correction completed rectification and correction received by registration agencies meet the requirements of the material after 30 working days to be completed.