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    patent for one or three different types of definitions:

    1. refers to the product, a patent for invention or improvement thereof that the new technology solutions.

    2. utility model patent refers to the product's shape, structure, or a combination thereof ' is fit for practical use of new technical solutions.

    3. appearance design patent refers to the shape, pattern, or a combination thereof, as well as color and shape, pattern, combined with the aesthetic of new design and is suitable for industrial applications.

    II, required for patent documents and requirements:

    (a) the request

    the request is to determine the invention, utility model or design patent for three types according to, should be used with caution; recommended Patent Office unified form. Request shall include inventions, utility names or use of the product incorporating the design name inventor or designer's name, the name or the name and address of the applicant (including zip code), as well as other matters.

    refers to other matters:

    1. nationality of the applicant the applicant is an enterprise or other organization, their headquarters in the country.

    2. any applicant who appoints a patent Agency shall indicate the relevant matters. Are two or more applicants or applications, and no delegate Agency shall designate a natural person as a representative and specifying a contact name, address, postal code and telephone number.

    3. divisional patent application (an application has been rejected, withdrawn or deemed to be withdrawn, and offers a divisional application) type should be consistent with the original application, and indicate the original application number, filing date, or is not treated as a divisional application. Requires domestic priority of the invention or utility model, indicate in the request for applications for the earlier application country, filing date, application number, and shall be submitted within one year from the date of the earlier application.

    4. application documents checklist.

    5. list of attached documents.

    6. signed or sealed by the parties.

    7. Special requirements of other matters.

    (b) instructions

    description shall set forth the invention or utility to make clear and complete instructions, subject to the skilled technicians to implement in the field of.

    (c) claims of

    claims should be based on the manual instructions invention or utility model has the technical characteristics, clearly and concisely the scope of patent protection.

    (d) specifications drawings

    specification drawings is necessary file a utility patent application. Patent application drawings shall be submitted if necessary. Drawings shall be drawn in black ink using a drawing tool, should not be altered or be rubbed.

    (v) the abstract and summary drawing

    invention, utility model application shall be submitted by a public summary of the contents of the abstract (300 words), contains drawings shall also submit the abstract drawings.

    (vi) design drawings or photographs of

    appearance design patent applications should be submitted to the design of images or photographs, if necessary there should be a brief description.

    III, submit patent application documents shall be established by the Patent Office unified form, using the computer typed or printed in Chinese (including text), a duplicate.

    four, submission of application

    application documents may be used to the Patent Office or patent offices located in various parts of the nine agencies handled personally or sent by post.

    1. submitting documents by mail must be in accordance with the requirements of patent law by mailing by registered letter and save the registration certificate. Non-mailing a claim by registered letter to

    file, the Patent Office will not be a query.

    2. mailed application documents in the form of a package, the Patent Office will not be accepted.

    3. pursuant to rule 119th article submission of patent applications by mail, each registered letter only pieces of mail with a patent application files.

    Note: this notice in accordance with the implementing rules of the patent law and the patent law arrangement. Is the patenting stages the most basic requirements. Patent application drafting principles and applications are accepted after the outstanding issues should be based on the patent law and the relevant provisions of the implementing rules of the patent law shall prevail.