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About Us

    Tianjin Nakasu trademark registered firm is Tianjin City Bureau approved established of intellectual property agent institutions, by a support intellectual property field senior people composition of professional team led founded, adhering to "do letter do Connaught, not negative by supporting" of service concept, is committed to for the industry provides full of intellectual property legal service--trademark, and patent, and copyright of based agent service and survey, and fake, and activist litigation,.

    established years, company with professional of team quality, efficient of internal process mechanism, Tianjin Nakasu trademark registered, and Tianjin trademark registered, and Tianjin trademark application, and Tianjin trademark agent, and Tianjin registered trademark, and Tianjin trademark registered company, and Tianjin trademark registered agent, and Tianjin trademark query, and Tianjin trademark firm and through regularly of personnel training and internal mechanism of optimization, for many both at home and abroad customer provides has quality of intellectual property agent service.

    thus far, our businesses generally involve: biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, communications, electrical engineering, machine building, food industry, environmental technology, new materials, information technology and other industries.

    as a professional intellectual property services company, we take our own brand reputation is our life, therefore to understand customers for their own legitimate interests of wisdom high demand, so as to make us in the course of their practice, delegates may be involved in all aspects of report truthfully to clients in order to help customers make the right decisions.

    customers may abandon the delegates for our proposal, but the company management teams agreed: the only honor its promise, will let customers do not regret "entrust" option.

    and this is the Tao of Agency services the water out.